Dear Patient

Due to the Corona virus pandemic, we are only authorised to provide emergency care for pain relief, swelling and trauma. 

For emergencies in one of these 3 categories, or if you need related advice, please leave your name and phone number on our our answer phone 

01843 220014, and we will be in touch in 24 hrs.

All other emergencies, please dial 111 to arrange for a clinic to attend. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, blurred vision or vomiting please go straight to A & E at QEQM Hospital. We apologise for the inconvenience, but these are the regulations at present.

We will let you know as soon as the circumstances change, by updating our Facebook page and Website.

Please stay healthy and we hope to be back to normal soon!


Dr. Evert le Roux

Meet our Dentist, Dr Evert Le Roux, who qualified from University of Pretoria (SA) in 1989 and started the Practice in 1996. Although Dental Cosmetics have always been his forte and an integral part of his practice, the introduction of facial cosmetic procedures years ago, put the Practice on the map as one of the most sought- after Dental and Cosmetic Practices in Kent. Dr Le Roux has had an abundance of training both here and abroad and always make sure that he is acquainted with of all the latest technology. He can win over the trust of his patients and can calm even the most apprehensive people. He even has patients who moved abroad, but still return to the UK to have their teeth looked after by him .

We have a lovely tranquil waiting room, surrounded by a luscious garden. In the summer we have an outside seating area, where you can relax with a soft drink, magazine or just listen to the birds, whilst you await your appointment.

Julia and Karen have both joined our cosy family Practice in 2001 and have since become an indispensable part of our team.

Julia is our lovely Main Receptionist and is always a step ahead to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that  all our patients’ needs and preferences are met.

Loved by our patients, Karen our Head Dental Assistant, takes pride in always ensuring that our patients are comfortable and well looked after in the chair.

Ronnie joined our team in 2009 as Part Time Receptionist and is well known for being a loving and caring person. She often joins a new patient in the waiting room for a cup of tea or coffee to make them feel relaxed and at home.

Christelle joined the Practice in 1996 as our Practice and Accounts Manager. She also works behind the scenes to insure that our Practice always looks lovely and homely!!!

Dr Le Roux and Karen, as always devoted to their caring roles, to make sure every patient is looked after and cared for!

We would love you to join our lovely Practice, where you would be more than just another patient. You won’t look back!

Reasons why you should join our practice:

  • 5 Star Practice with very affordable prices
  • Wide range of dental and cosmetic treatments
  • Lovely friendly staff who have all been with the practice for 10+ years
  • Easy access and parking either on the premises or free off street parking

Get in touch today in Cliftonville, Kent, to discover more about our cosmetic dentistry.

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