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Due to the Corona virus pandemic, we are only authorised to provide emergency care for pain relief, swelling and trauma. 

For emergencies in one of these 3 categories, or if you need related advice, please leave your name and phone number on our our answer phone 

01843 220014, and we will be in touch in 24 hrs.

All other emergencies, please dial 111 to arrange for a clinic to attend. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, blurred vision or vomiting please go straight to A & E at QEQM Hospital. We apologise for the inconvenience, but these are the regulations at present.

We will let you know as soon as the circumstances change, by updating our Facebook page and Website.

Please stay healthy and we hope to be back to normal soon!

Dental Services in Cliftonville, Kent

Dalby Dental & Cosmetic Practice is a dental practice located in Cliftonville, Kent. Our comprehensive range of dental services cover everything from fillings and inlays to mouth guards and dentures.

Fissure Sealants

Protecting the permanent molars during your child's vulnerable years is of the utmost importance. Please discuss the options with your dentist.

White Fillings

Replacing old silver fillings with more aesthetically pleasing white fillings is frequently requested amongst our patients. All fillings will hence be white unless otherwise requested.


In cases where the remaining tooth structure might not be sufficient to support a conventional filling, a dental laboratory can produce a much stronger restoration. For the same reasons mentioned above, all inlays will be porcelain unless gold is requested.

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth which develop abscesses do not need to be extracted. Root fillings have a good success rate and can provide you with a way to preserve your dentition.


Normal extractions, as well as surgical extraction of impacted teeth and wisdom teeth, can be performed in our surgery. This eliminates the long waiting lists of referrals to hospitals.

Crowns and Bridges

Laboratory produced restorations ‘caps’ to restore heavily filled or fractured teeth. With bridges, adjacent gaps are restored at the same time.

Call today to find out more about the dental services at our dental practice.

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  • Mouth Guards
  • Dentures

Mouth Guards

We are able to provide mouth guards of your own design for contact sports.


We provide a wide choice of dentures, whether full or partial. Choose between acrylic, cobalt-chrome (metal base), and flexible dentures.


Specially designed for denture wearing patients experiencing problems with loose, troublesome dentures.

Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth without involving any of the adjacent teeth or resulting in you becoming a denture wearer.

Oral Hygiene Treatment

Scaling and polishing is usually provided on a 6-monthly basis. If deemed necessary, it may need to be performed on a more regular basis.

Periodontal Disease

The most common cause of tooth loss can be treated by regular monitoring and treatment as well as good oral hygiene.

Minor Oral Surgery

Some cases of periodontal problems require minor surgery. We also perform cyst removal, root surgery, and bone grafting procedures at the practice.

Oral Hygiene Education

To enable patients to improve on their oral hygiene and maintenance – preservation of your natural dentition is always the preferred option.